High Volume Returnable Container Processor...

Customer’s Expectation:

To create an entirely new paradigm for processing redeemable bottles & cans in such a way as to result in less cost to store owners, and more convenience to consumers.

Challenges Presented:

To start with a prototype machine which was developed simply to prove
the viability of this basic concept

After successful completion of the prototype, design a state-of-the-art
machine that would be robust, compact, high-speed, and extraordinarily

Meet all of those criteria within very stringent cost parameters.

MME’s Custom Solutions:

In addition to a wide variety of changes made to the prototype model, MME
designed and engineered unique shredding systems which could handle
glass, aluminum, and plastics, and then used these shredders to replace the
compactors utilized in the original design.

Functional & Economic Benefits to Customer:

The beta version of this unique system was tested for six months at one
store of a major supermarket chain, and not only did the customer exceed all of its cost reduction goals, but the reception by consumers was overwhelming. This new redemption system was then implemented chain wide.

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